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Current Conditions

  • 84°
  • Mostly Cloudy
  • Wind: East 21 mph
  • Humidity: 83%
  • Visibility: 6.2 miles
  • Dew Point: 78°
  • Pressure: 29.87 in. +
  • Heat Index: 95

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Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
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5 Day Forecast

  • Thursday
  • Thunderstorm
  • High: 82 °
  • Low: 79 °
  • T-Storms
  • Friday
  • Chance of a Thunderstorm
  • High: 82 °
  • Low: 79 °
  • Chance of T-Storms
  • Saturday
  • Thunderstorm
  • High: 82 °
  • Low: 79 °
  • T-Storms
  • Sunday
  • Thunderstorm
  • High: 82 °
  • Low: 79 °
  • T-Storms
  • Monday
  • Partly Cloudy
  • High: 82 °
  • Low: 79 °
  • Partly Cloudy

Forecast for Majuro, Marshall Islands

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NWS Forecaster Discussion

Area forecast discussion 
National Weather Service tiyan GU 
754 am chst Thursday Jul 30 2015 

pgua Doppler weather radar shows isolated showers moving through 
the marianas waters. A tropical disturbance about 1160 miles east 
of Guam is slowly moving west and could affect the marianas early 
next week. The VAD wind profile reveals mainly south winds of 3 to 
7 knots through the lowest 3 thousand feet of the air. 


movement and development of the tropical disturbance near 
enewetak was the main forecast problem early this morning. Gfs40 
has moved closer to European model (ecmwf)-hires and navgem of yesterday. 
Meanwhile...ECMWF-hires and navgem remained fairly consistent. 
UKMET is a little south of them actually. Therefore...biased the 
winds in the grids toward the ECMWF-hires. Used the directions 
straight out of the model...just capped the winds at 21 knots for 
now until we know more. That gets US through Sunday night... 

Based on monsoon trough getting involved with the disturbance and 
lifting northward...extended the mostly cloudy through the end of 
the grids. Also added scattered showers near the end of the period 
and changed some temperatures to work toward consistency with what 
those conditions should allow. Model quantitative precipitation forecast estimates are 2.5 inches 
to 6 inches so went ahead and issued a bare-bones hydrologic 
outlook for signicant widespread rainfall next week. At the moment 
this is just an may happen or it may not. 


Tropical systems... 
the disturbance near enewetak is continuing to develop slowly. It 
is now the subject of a tropical cyclone formation alert from the 
Joint Typhoon Warning Center. It is moving mainly west...perhaps 
just a little to the north of west. It is expected to continue 
moving in the general direction of the marianas and will most 
likely arrive in the Sunday to Monday time frame. 


Eastern micronesia... 
weather across the region from Chuuk to Majuro has come into a 
lull this morning. Heaviest weather is seen south of Chuuk and 
Majuro...and northeast of Pohnpei...near the developing tropical 
disturbance. This disturbance will continue towards the west or 
west-northwest...keeping north of the micronesia islands. A second 
circulation south of Majuro will work to anchor the monsoon trough 
in place...thus maintaining the moist monsoon flow across 
Chuuk...Pohnpei and Kosrae a few more days. The monsoon trough and 
2nd circulation will shift west by next week allowing for some 
calmer weather to build in from east of Majuro. 

In the short-term...the forecast is based on all locations remaining 
convection-free this morning...but with weather firing up again near 
each this afternoon in a diurnal pattern. GFS maintains a fairly wet 
pattern at Chuuk...Pohnpei and Kosrae at least through Friday night. 
Will have to watch this well as a cluster of convection 
brewing just south of Majuro this morning near the circulation 
there. If this convection builds northward today...forecast there 
will need an update for more showers. 

Wave watch model continues to show a 3 to 4 foot southern hemisphere 
swell from the southeast to south-southeast arriving on Pohnpei and 
Kosrae. Swell will persist a couple more days. Surf is expected to 
remain below advisory levels. Surf will build on west-facing reefs 
for these locations and Chuuk today and Friday. 


Western micronesia... 
Chuuk discussion is included above with eastern micronesia due to 
a similar synoptic pattern. 

The moist monsoon surge will continue across Palau...but keep just 
south of Yap for today. Infrared satellite shows scattered showers over 
Koror and to the east and west this morning. This weather has 
remained just south of Yap through the night. GFS keeps these 
showers just south the next couple days...but satellite trends 
suggest some northward shift...thus added more clouds and a slight 
chance of thunderstorms at Yap for tonight through Saturday. While 
the monsoon trough will remain in the vicinity the next few 
days...significant weather is not expected through the weekend. 


Gum watches/warnings/advisories... 
Marianas waters...none. 


Stanko/M. Aydlett 

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